Here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m making the three different kabobs together.  These are the ingredients they will all have in common:

2 Lbs. Beef – top round – Fat Trimmed

1 – Green pepper

1 – Red Onion

1 – 16 oz. fresh mushrooms

The ingredient that will change:

Italian dressing

Fat Free Italian dressing

No dressing

On the kabobs with the regular Italian dressing, I’m going to use 4 Tablespoons to marinate and another 2 Tablespoons to cover the finished skewers.


I decided to go all the way and try the non-fat dressing, I’m going to use that in the amounts that I usually use (so a lot).  For the kabobs with no dressing I don’t use anything, not even salt.

First I trimmed the fat off of all the meat.  Then I cut the meat up into cubes.  Remember, I’m not a chef with super knife skills, so yes my cubes of things will be unevenly cut.  I then marinate a third of the meat in a ton of fat free dressing.  Another third of meat I marinate with 4 tablespoons of the regular dressing.  The last third I just put in a baggie with nothing.  I put these in the refrigerator.

I cut up my onion and green pepper.  Again, not a chef, so cutting up stuff takes me a while. I wash my mushrooms and get out some skewers.  I color the ends of 2 sets of skewers so that I can tell which dressing they are.

3 ways raw

Now I pull the meat out and assemble the kabobs on their color coded skewers. I coat the fat free dressing kabobs with more dressing.  I drizzle a couple tablespoons of the regular dressing onto those kabobs.

I throw all the kabobs on the grill, and cook on low for about 25 minutes.  I haven’t told Dave about the differences in kabobs, we’ll see if and what he notices.

3 ways on grill 3 ways cooked