You already know what has to go.  The full bottle of Italian dressing.  Just a half bottle of dressing has 640 calories and 56 grams of fat. I will be trimming the meat, but I think it’s the oily dressing that’s the big issue. The way I see it there are three options:  I can use a “light” version of dressing, I can use less of the current dressing, or I can eliminate the dressing all together.  The light version of dressing does have less than half the calories and fat of the regular, but I don’t usually like the light versions of things (they taste wrong).  They also have a fat free version of the dressing I could try.   Using less of the current dressing would mean cutting it back a lot for both marinating and covering the kabobs.  Then there’s the option to leave the dressing off.  I’m worried that this will make the kabobs dry, but maybe not.  I think that the solution is to try all three options.  Since we eat three kabobs I will make one of each type to try.  Wish me luck.