The top round, green pepper, onion, and mushrooms that I get will make about nine kabobs.  We usually eat about three apiece and then have three for left-overs.   Now the problem with calculating the nutritional facts for the kabobs is that though I use a whole bottle of dressing on the kabobs, not all of it sticks.  I think about half of the dressing ends up dripping off.  Keeping that in mind I’m going to take the nutritional values for a whole bottle of dressing, divide it in half then divide by nine to get the value for each kabob. These are the nutritional numbers I came up with:

numbers kabob janes way

I find it surprising that the shish kabob meal has about the same amount of calories and double the fat of the pot roast meal, but that’s what it looks like.   These are yummy, but next I’ll have to see if I can make them a little bit healthier.