2 Lbs. Beef –   (I usually use round steak)

1 – Green pepper

1 – Red Onion

1 – 16 oz. fresh mushrooms

1 – Bottle of Italian dressing (and you thought it sounded kind of healthy until then)

I first cut the meat into cubes that are roughly 1-1/2” to 2” square.  Then I put all of the cubes in a plastic bag and I dump about half of the bottle of Italian dressing in.  I throw the bag in the refrigerator to let it marinate.  If I’m thinking ahead, which doesn’t happen often, I cut the meat at lunch time so that it can marinate for a few hours before dinner.  The usual thing is that it sits in the refrigerator for as long as it takes me to cut up all of the vegetables.  I peal the onion then I cut it into quarters and pull the sections apart.  Then I wash the green pepper take the seeds out and cut it into cubes about the same size as the meat.  Then I rinse the mushrooms in cold water.

Now that all of the vegetables are ready, I take the meat out of the frig. and grab the skewers.  We use the bamboo skewers you can buy for a buck at the grocery store or the dollar store.  I try to guess how many I will need then pull out a couple extra just in case.  I start with putting a mushroom on then onion, beef, and green pepper.  I repeat the onion, beef and green pepper until I get to the bottom of the skewer, when I add another mushroom.  I find that the mushrooms if large enough will hold the other veggies up off the grill a little which keeps them from sticking.  After I put together enough skewers to use up all of the ingredients, I put the finished skewers in a baking pan and then I cover them with the remaining Italian dressing.  After warming the grill up, I turn it down to low heat and I grill the kabobs for about twenty minutes.  I turn them about every 3-4 minutes to get a nice even grill on them.  I take them off when the green peppers soften and the onions look wilted. Yummy.