While pot roast is my favorite meal we don’t tend to make it much in the summer.  We like to grill a lot in the summer.  So with that in mind I thought that next I should look into the foods that I like to make on the grill and see if there is a way to healthy them up a bit too.  They say that grilling food is healthier because the fat drips off the meat.  Now I understand that any meat that has fat in it to begin with and is considered less than healthy, but since we are still going to eat red meat, let’s see what we can do with it.  Again this is all about eating just a little bit healthier, not full on healthy.

In the summer we grill steaks, salmon, shish kabob, and veggies, a lot.  We occasionally grill hamburgers, brats, and chicken.  I’m not very good at grilling chicken, I should probably work on that.  Now I don’t think there’s much we can do to make a steak healthier except maybe trim off all the fat like the pot roast and cut the portion size. So I think I’ll start with shish kabob.

In the future I think we’ll try something new, like a chicken recipe.  Yes Dave, chicken.  Or maybe another type of fish.  No Dave, not fried, grilled.  So I’ll have to work on finding a good recipe for that.grill pic