Ok so I made the pot roast and it turned out pretty good.  I do have to admit that it needed salt, but no more than the version made with the higher sodium broth which in hind sight we always did add salt to.   I guess at least I am controlling the salt a bit more.  Surprisingly I found no difference in the taste in regards to the fat being cut off, there really was a lot more fat than I thought there would be.  I tried really hard to cut all of the fat out.

As our goal is to try to eat just a little healthier, I think we can call it a success even though I had to hand Dave the salt shaker.  The only con to this is that it did take me an extra 15 minutes to trim all of the fat, so it’s not the same “dump stuff in crock pot” then run off to work recipe.  I think I’ll just have to try to prep it the night before.

2.8 lbs of beef beef broth beef fatfrozen veggies