So this is what I’m going to try to make my pot roast a little bit healthier.  First they recommend that you trim all of the fat off of the meat to reduce the fat and calories.  Then to lower the sodium, I’m going to use 50% less sodium beef broth.  Also I’m going to cut out the extra potatoes and just go with the ones in the frozen veggie bag.  I recalculated the nutrition facts for these and came up with this:

Pot Roast a Little bit healthier Pot Roast Jane’s Way
serving 1/4th serving 1/4th
Calories 309.5 Calories 469
fat 6.25 g fat 16 g
sat fat 2.25 g sat fat 7 g
cholesterol 88.5 mg cholesterol 102 mg
sodium 545.25 mg sodium 966 mg
potassium 235.5 mg potassium 650 mg
carbs 23.5 g carbs 43 g
sugars 0 g sugars 6 g
protein 9 g protein 32 g

 It looks better, 159 fewer calories per serving and the sodium is a lot lower.  We’ll have to see how it tastes and make sure to hide the salt shaker from Dave.