To figure out how to alter our eating habits I am trying to get a handle on what our current eating habits are.  After giving it some thought I came up with five basic types of meals to describe in simple terms our different types of lunch/dinner habits:

  1. Everyday cooking – Meals that include everything from the spaghetti you cook to the TV dinner you microwave.  It’s just the basic stuff you actually eat the most at home.
  2. Fast and out – this would be the fast food that you get because you are in a hurry. McDonalds, Subway, Wendy’s etc.
  3. Sunday dinner – My mom did a nice dinner every Sunday, I don’t exactly do that, but I do tend to cook bigger meals on the weekend.  This would be when we barbeque or cook things that take longer to make. And then of course there is also Taco Tuesday J
  4. Out to dinner – When you go out and sit down for dinner at a restaurant.
  5. Special Occasions –These are meals that you only make once or twice a year.   Holidays, birthdays, dinner parties etc.   Thanksgiving turkey with all that goes with it is a good example.  I think most of us only do that once, maybe twice a year.

So, where to start…well,  I don’t think it’s necessary to focus on the ”special occasion” cooking at all, and even though it tends to be a bigger meal, maybe the “Sunday dinner” is not the place to concentrate effort either.  I’m going to concentrate on:

#4. Out to dinner – we just plain need to do this less.

#2. Fast and out – Dave really has to work on this one, which means I need to make him lunch as well as figure what he can eat out if there’s just no other choice (due to work schedule)

#1. Everyday cooking – this I believe is where we need a lot of work.

I think every day cooking will be the most challenging thing to change.  I mean this is the stuff you cook and eat pretty much without thinking about it.  Part of the challenge for me is the thinking about it part.  Again, my favorite food is food that appears magically before me.