Now that I’m done with my little food fight tantrum (for now) back to the task of trying to figure out how to eat healthier.  Again we don’t want to go on a diet, but in some ways it almost seems like it would be easier, since there would be instructions or guidelines already set up top follow.

So where were we before the potato incident?  Oh yes, looking into making a dish I already make, but try to figure out how to make it healthier.  I start with pot roast since it’s one of my favorites.  Here’s the recipe for the pot roast I make.

Quick and easy pot roast

1 – Small to medium size beef roast – defrosted

2 – 16 oz. bags of frozen stew vegetables

2 – Peeled & quartered potatoes (Dave likes potatoes and the ones in the veggie bag are small)

1 – 32 oz. container of beef broth

I just dump all these ingredients in the crock pot and let it cook all day (8-10hrs) on low.  I love it, so I’m sure it’s not good for you. Now keep in mind that the two of us do not finish this off in one meal, it’s a lot of food.  To the best of my ability here are the nutritional facts I calculated for the pot roast.


I added up all of the listed (and looked up) values for the ingredients for the pot roast and divided by four.  It’s a rough estimate, but it should do.  So I look at these numbers and what do they tell me?  What would be healthy?  How can I make the pot roast I love, but healthier?  I can guess right now that I need to lower the sodium and the saturated fat amount, but how much?  What to shoot for?