Hey the potato started it!  I was more than a little annoyed by the potato problem.  So I decided to take my frustration out on the potatoes in the ring.   It seems that there is so much conflicting information on food and it makes it very time consuming to figure this nutrition thing out.   I always wondered why celebrities would pay for a nutritionist, or why so many people use the food delivery weight loss systems, now I know.  It’s a real pain in the rear end to slog through all of the information and opinions presented.  There are a lot of conflicting arguments for and against almost any food you look up.   Ultimately you have to decide for yourself what you believe and what matters to you.

It’s harder than you think.  It makes it even harder when you’re forcing yourself to do it.  Do you remember being and school and finding a subject absolutely boring?  How’d you do?  I know I didn’t do well in those subjects.  If I’m interested in something I am all over it, but if it’s not my thing it’s incredibly hard for me to wade through.  So I had to take a break from research, and do something creative. Thus the Food Fight.