search-lookupTime to start again with the heart association site. There’s a lot of information about cholesterol. It tells you about “good” and “bad” fat. Saturated and trans-fat are bad. You’re supposed to avoid trans-fat all together and lower your saturated intake. So how much lower? What amount of saturated fat? How much dietary cholesterol? How am I supposed to know what “lower” means? I am looking for a number, something I can add up, look for on labels, and keep track of. I am a numbers person. I think it would help me if I could find something tangible to work with. I am use to statistics and setting number oriented goals. There are “tips to manage high cholesterol” pieces, but I can’t seem to find a number, like “stay under this amount” kind of number.

About 12 clicks later in a section called “know your fats” –I Finally got somewhere.

Basically it says, if you want to lower the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) they recommend that you drop your saturated fat intake to below 6 percent of your total daily calories. So under 13 grams if you are eating 2000 calories a day. Ok, I can use that, but what about dietary cholesterol? There’s a bunch of information about interpreting the results of your cholesterol test, and why high cholesterol is bad, but no number. Now maybe it’s buried in there somewhere and I am just too impatient to find it. I totally admit that this stuff frustrates me and I am very impatient.