Opinions, opinions, opinions. Options, options, options!

Too much information!!!! I’m already starting to get tired of looking at this. So much basic information. I get it, fat is bad, salt is bad, sugar also bad, don’t eat junk, but what the hell do I eat? What is healthy and how do we eat a more healthy diet? How do we do this without totally changing our life into one where we have to think about food constantly, I have better things to do! Without taking a culinary class, spending hours in the kitchen, or eating weird stuff? No, I’m not lazy, I work ten hours a day. No, I don’t hate cooking, I just don’t love it. Yes, I am willing to cook more often, but I can’t spend my life in the kitchen. Yes, I am use to eating what many, like my sister, would call bland and boring food. Where is the boring, bland, average, healthy diet plan?