After the frustration subsides, I decide to try another approach to this healthy thing. I go to the Heart Association website thinking I can start by looking into lower your cholesterol. Is it like calories, do you need to stay under a certain amount? If so what is it?

I start on the homepage, click on “healthy living” whole bunch of subjects to choose from, click on “healthy eating”, again lots of stuff to choose from. Click “nutrition” more stuff to choose from, “diet and lifestyle recommendations” sounds promising, so I click that. It’s a long page with lots of good standard information, eat better food, fat is bad, salt is bad, eat less, and so on. I finely find the word cholesterol, so I click on that. Ok now we’re getting somewhere. It’s a whole section on cholesterol. Now I admit I probably would have found it faster had I did a search on the site just for “cholesterol”, but I didn’t. There is a ton of info to look at. I get half way through and get interrupted, I’ll try again tomorrow, but at least I think I’m close and I know where to start tomorrow.