I found a chicken recipe on an eating well web site.  It looked good, Chicken breast with mushroom cream sauce.  First I think, “How hard can that be?”   Encounter problem three.   Ok so it doesn’t look hard, until you look at all of the ingredients.  Freshly ground pepper (apparently the other stuff isn’t good enough), salt, canola oil, medium shallot –minced, thinly sliced shitake mushroom caps, 2 TBS of dry vermouth or white wine, ¼ cup reduced sodium chicken broth, 2 TBS heavy cream,  fresh chives and chicken.  Well I guess I have chicken, salt, and canola oil – oops, no scratch that I have olive oil. I suppose I can buy the rest. However, I don’t like to waste food or money. To not be wasteful I would have to find other recipe’s to use the rest of the cream as it’s not sold by the tablespoon and it doesn’t stay fresh for long. I guess I could just add it to my coffee, but is that “healthy”? Now I’m wondering, can something with a sauce made with heavy cream and wine be healthy?

The chicken recipe per serving has 275 calories (not bad) but 15 Grams of Fat.  Five grams of saturated fat (that’s the fat that’s supposed to be bad for you), 84mg of Cholesterol, 5 grams carb,  and 373 mg of sodium.  Is that healthy? Now we’re at problem #4 what the hell is “healthy”.