The first problem I ran into on, my brief, but frustrating look into eating heathy was don’t use the word “diet” in your search unless you are looking for a bunch of weight loss adds and plans.  So, this time I’m going to try “healthy eating plans”.  I still get a lot of weight loss plans, but I find some that are listed as “healthy meal plan”.

The 7 day heart healthy meal plan looks promising.  I go to that.  Ok, day one lists Cheerios for breakfast, I can handle that.  Then we have five spice turkey and lettuce wrap and fresh pineapple for lunch, hmmm.  For an afternoon snack carrot sticks and 2 TBS of hummus, yes Dave hummus.  Last for dinner its brown rice, steamed spinach (ew), salad with low cal. Caesar salad dressing, and London broil with cherry-balsamic sauce.  Oh… and that’s where they completely lost me.  It started out so well with the Cheerios.