When we were younger we ate whatever we wanted and thought nothing of it.  We didn’t pay attention to what we ate, because we didn’t gain weight.  We certainly didn’t think about things like high cholesterol, diabetes, or any of the other health consequences associated with being overweight.  Then we hit middle age and the pounds slowly started to creep up on us.  It felt like one day I woke up and was fat.  At this age we still had some concern for vanity, so we went on a diet.  Dave and I first tried the no carbohydrate type diet, which worked great, we both lost weight.  That is until we went on vacation and I swear one piece of bread and I gained back twice as much as I had lost!   We also tried a couple of other diets, but they didn’t work out so well either.  I realize that all of the diets had the same thing in common, they require you to put a lot of thought and time into food and restrictions.  Even if it’s just the thought of “I must not eat bread”.  That kind of thing doesn’t seem to work out for us in the long run.  So we need to figure something else out.