So my husband Dave came home from his annual doctor visit and he was pissed.  His doctor who Dave refers to as “that skinny little Doogie Hauser kid”, called him obese.  Now don’t get me wrong, Dave and I are both aware of the fact that we are overweight.  It’s just that I don’t think Dave was ready to hear the “O” word.  I think like many of us he thought of obese as someone who is 100 lbs. or more overweight.  I informed him that it only takes about thirty pounds overweight to be considered obese, he gave me a sideways look and informed me that he could lose ten pounds easily.  I agreed that yes that’s probably true, because he would be willing to starve himself just out of spite, but that is not the answer.  He calmed down and also told me that his doctor said he needed to start watching his cholesterol.  It’s high, not over the limit yet, but the doctor told him it could get there.  So it’s time to thinking about making some changes regarding how we handle our health.

That being said Dave and I agree that to make good permanent changes we need not to go on a “diet” so much as we need to try to eat more healthy food.  We have tried diets, some of which I’m not sure are very healthy long term, and the success seems to end up being very short term.  Not only that but some restrictive diets will basically set us up for failure, as we won’t stick to it, because you still need to live life and enjoy yourself. (Otherwise what’s the point?)